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Blah, blah, blah – Bayard Taylor

Most of the book was very good at portraying the different worldview categories. He does some good work in clarifying where some of the religious systems got their starts and provided facts about the specific teachings of each of these groups. Near the end of the book, it got hard to stick with him because he attempted to address too […]

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The Barbarian Way- Erwin McManus

McManus stresses the idea that Christians have become too civilized and have settled into an institutionalized religion. He says that we need to embrace the fact that God has more intended for our lives than complacency and a comfy church pew. We need to remember the zeal of the early disciples. Good read and challenging. I believe that too often […]

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Messy Spirituality- Mike Yaconelli

Found some good thoughts in the book but it seemed to have one major flaw. The need for repentance in the life of the Christian seems to be greatly down played. Yes, we all make mistakes in our lives, but we are called to repent of our sin not accept it and continue in it. Jesus commanded that those who […]

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The Case for the Real Jesus- Lee Strobel

Great book! Easy to read and written in a objection-defense format. Addresses a lot of the current trends and conflicting views of Jesus. Great historical information on the Gnostic gospels as well as the other mystery religions that were operating during the early church. Speaks on the truth about some of the supposed archaeological finds that attempt to discredit the […]

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The Last Christian Generation- Josh McDowell

Portrays a clear picture of the task at hand for those working with youth. It calls for a process-driven approach to spiritual formation. Living out your faith is the emphasis of the teaching. McDowell also is promoting a website and curriculum that targets spiritual formation for children, youth, and adults. It was an easy read that provided some insights into […]

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Stand Your Ground: An Introductory Text for Apologetics Students- Dean Hardy

Very good introductory text for those interested in apologetics. Covers most of the topics addressed in apologetics. Clear and precise. Good use of concept illustrations and stories. Dean is a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary who has written a good concise book that I think works well even with younger apologetic students.  His use of illustrations makes complex ideas more […]

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Jesus Among Other Gods- Ravi Zacharias

Well written book for teens who want a comparative study of world religions. Christianity is compared to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Readers are shown the inconsistencies in these 3 religions. A discussion is made as to why Christianity’s claims are true. Topics such as heaven, morality, pain and suffering, and religious pluralism are discussed. Zacharias uses many relevant illustrations to […]

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Darwin’s Black Box by Michael Behe

Behe’s book though sometimes unnecessarily wordy does present some detailed examples of the irreducible complexity of the complex systems of life. He shows that the step by step evolutionary process of Darwin is not possible when viewed from a biochemical level. This biochemical world was not understood by Darwin due to limitations in scientific/ biological study. The greatest difficulty for […]

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Understanding Intelligent Design

It is past time for a Design Revolution. Darwinian evolution has so many challenges to it that schools just need to stop teaching it as a fact and represent it as the theory that it is. Schools suppressing the teaching of intelligent design are not painting a clear picture of the scientific evidence supporting such design. This book shows that […]

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Happy New Year 2009!

Well, it begins! A new year has started and I have a lot planned for this year. I have started on my studies toward a D.Min in Apologetics. It has been eight years since I graduated with my M.Div. I have been teaching for the past seven years with my middle schoolers. I teach Bible specifically the Books of John […]