One year ago, I left NC for S. Florida to begin working with a team that was engaging the 96% unchurched population here in S. Florida. The strategy involves a combination of gospel conversation training held in existing legacy churches as well as church planting and training out in the harvest which means out in the neighborhoods and directly among those who may not have a relationship with Jesus. We share the gospel in a seed broadcasting way and then disciple the fruit that the Spirit brings forth and gather them together as church. We are very intentional in our training of every new believer and in existing believers in their role as Ambassadors called to engage the harvest and be obedient to the Great Commission. It is the DNA that we share in such a way that it is reproducible and so that these new believers can immediately share with others and begin discipling others as well. Expectation towards the obedient and richly growing life of a believer is our aim. Let’s look at some highlights from this past month.


Held a Four Fields Intensive Training at First Baptist Jensen Beach. We give training in Gospel Conversations as well as provide the biblical framework from which we derive our CPM strategy.

26169267_10212125143417815_2080013279075225745_n We partner together with the Burrito Project which is a ministry to the homeless out in our area. We share the gospel and pray for those who attend each week.


Our harvest and training areas include the streets but also the malls or anywhere people are gathered. Today was a rainy and cool day so we moved indoors and got the opportunity to share the 3 Circles and train this amazing group of young people.


This is Lucy who we met and shared with out in the park area. She prayed to accept Jesus and we trained her in the 411. Yep it was a cold day for S. Florida that day!

26169355_10212157685591349_6251699502095494287_n  This is Alex who has been working with us for many months faithfully. He is trained and ready to be sent out. He is now in Santa Barbara continuing the work with NoPlaceLeft. We are commissioning him as a church gathering.

We take any opportunity to share with others. Here we are out in the neighborhood sharing with those who will listen. Boldness comes through the reps. The more you obediently share the gospel the more competent and confident you become. People are usually willing to listen. We just have to be faithful to share and let the Spirit do the rest.

26731533_10212179300211701_1396842258310754002_nOnce we share the gospel and individuals respond, we begin to disciple those individuals using what we call  3/3 Discipleship.  Initially during the short term discipleship we focus on the Commands of Christ which are located in the link above. We then transition to long term discipleship using the same format but different Bible Studies designed as discovery Bible studies. We delegate the responsibilities in the gathering and are always raising up leaders for the gatherings and equipping them to reproduce what they are being taught. Disciples making disciples and planting churches until there is #NoPlaceLeft 

During our harvest time and training times we always come across others who have taken up the calling to be Ambassadors for Christ. We train them and then take them out immediately to share. So we share, train and then we do!


This is what Family on Mission looks like and some considerations that have to be looked at. Raising your family to be a family on mission is the responsibility of every believing family!

As you can see, what we do is very comprehensive. It involves a healthy combination of working with existing believers and legacy churches and in hitting the streets sharing and training those far from God. It takes us all working together to do the work!


I wanted to end with this picture of a family on mission. Gathering together as church and leading their family to be a family on mission. Training to be disciples who make disciples and to plant reproducing churches across the street and around the world!!

I want to thank all of my ministry support partners who help make this work possible. You are a blessing to me. I am looking for additional support partners to help offset the costs of some new opportunities this coming year. I will be traveling more this year to do some trainings in other states and possibly an overseas trip to do the same. This takes your support. If you would be willing to become a monthly supporter please click the link below. Any amount is highly appreciated and is tax deductible giving. We do not charge any of the churches we train in and our ministry is 100% supported by sponsors like you who have a big vision for Kingdom expansion. Kevin Maxwell’s Support Page

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