The TeamWell, I am sitting at my mom’s house in North Carolina for Christmas and am going through all of the mission pictures that I have taken this first year in S. Florida. As I look at each one, I am taken back to those moments and I am overwhelmed by just how much God has let me be a part of this year! There is only one real way to express what this first year has been like and that is through the visual expressions…the faces of the people because that is what this mission is all about. It is all about people’s lives being changed through an encounter with Jesus. For some of them this was their first encounter and for others, this year saw them taking on their responsibility to be Ambassadors for Jesus as they learned to share their faith obediently and consistently and to disciple those that they shared with.

Diamond Diane harvest1 harvest3

The work of NoPlaceLeft is to make disciples who make disciples, plant churches and mobilize missionaries until there is no place left that has not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can see that this is a comprehensive mission because it calls for an approach that works together with existing churches and new believers straight out of the harvest in training them how to have gospel conversations, how to disciple towards growth and obedience as Ambassadors, and how to come together as healthy reproducing churches whether they are meeting in homes or among established legacy churches.

IMG_5235 baptism7DBS 5

When more believers are on mission and trained to work through the Four Fields towards kingdom expansion then this will impact not just here in the USA, but will open a pipeline for those trained believers to reach out to unreached people groups around the world. To finish the task we have been given, it will take the obedience of all believers to the work of the Great Commission.

harvest9  IMG_5247 SolangeFullSizeRender(2)  FullSizeRender(3)

This year began with my first 30 Days in the Harvest and it surely was a blessing. This allowed for me to really see the brokenness in the area and also established the direction my ministry work would take. I began to meet existing believers out in the harvest who felt that God had called them to be obedient followers and they were willing to be trained how to share, disciple and gather together new believers. They committed themselves to many, many hours of walking out in the harvest in neighborhoods, parks, you name it, looking for people of peace and houses of peace. And guess what? We started finding them. That sparked the work into a forward momentum which for me was a blessing because it helped me to see each of the 4 Fields in action. I also started having other believers to go out into the harvest with me. We tried to run a rhythm of harvest, follow-up, discipleship, and church gathering.

Harvest 18Harvest13Harvest Faces 2

One of the greatest joys was seeing new believers follow in obedience to baptism. Being able to see Ambassadors share the gospel and then baptize those new believers was a beautiful site. Then when they took on the task of now discipling those believers the statement from many of them was that they now felt like they were doing as God had called them to do….make disciples!

Baptism2 baptism5 baptism6

God began helping me to find existing believers out in the harvest and from trainings that would become a vital part of the work that was accomplished this past year. They would go out in harvest with me. They would assist in facilitating church discipleship and gatherings and also with follow up as we shared with many people out in the harvest. God was bringing together a TEAM! And we now have 2nd generation church starts coming from our team!!

IMG_5128 IMG_5404

Trainings throughout the year that were held in area legacy churches allowed for us to equip many others in how to hold gospel conversations and actively engage the harvest.

IMG_5278 training

411 Training Church

I wanted to share with you the some of the overall work that is taking place through the NoPlaceLeft teams in Florida. 81 churches started. 567 active disciples and 74 baptisms. Wow! That’s a work of God. The key part of this work is that it is focused on obedience based discipleship and on releasing believers to the task of making disciples, discipling them, and releasing them as missionaries here and abroad.

IMG_5406 FullSizeRender(5) baptism2

FullSizeRender Haiti 2

I want to thank all of you who are praying for and are supporting the work going on in S. Florida and beyond! I also had the privilege this year of going to see and encourage the movement going on in Haiti. This was a blessing seeing what God is doing all around the world. For this coming year, I have been asked to help train in a couple of other states at this point as well as one international trip to train. If you are a current supporter, I thank you so very much and look forward to another year of ministry together. If you are reading this and would be willing to support the work, I would ask that you pray about coming on as a monthly or end of year supporter. All donations are tax deductible and allow me to engage as a missionary full time in this work. 100% of my support comes from partners like you.  My support link is here

Also, please email subscribe to my Maxwell on Mission blog

Once again, thank you so very much and let’s pray that God would open the eyes of more and more believers to take on the task of the Great Commission!! Happy Harvesting!!!

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