IMG_4523How do I even begin? So much has taken place since my last post. As I stated in my last entry, a team is definitely beginning to form. God is bringing together a group of people of various ages, ethnicity and backgrounds. They all have something in common and that is the desire to obey God’s command to make disciples. It has been a pleasure beginning to go out with them into the harvest and hear about the call that they feel God has placed on their lives.

We just got back from the NoPlaceLeft World Summit in Houston which was a gathering of over 500 NPL practitioners from all over the world. It was a time for vision casting and for hearing from some of the leaders about the work that is left to be done to reach those who have not heard. Things became so much more clear to me as I understood the relationship between the disciple making, church planting, and mission mobilization that we concentrate on here in the USA. The movement started here will not only help make disciples of Jesus here, but can also help find and mobilize those new and old believers who God is calling to those far off places around the world where the message has not been heard. The movement here can help fuel the movement there! It is a pipeline.

This excites me because I have always loved helping mentor people in the areas that God has called them. So as we do local missions here we are providing for people to engage the harvest there as well. It is not an issue of here or there. It is both. Some will stay here and reach the far from God and help train and mobilize them here and others will be trained here and mobilized to other places.

In the recovery segment, I have thoroughly enjoyed facilitating church with the guys! It is great to hear them talking about desiring opportunities to share their faith. It is also great seeing them speak into each other’s lives. It is challenging and painful at times as the struggle of addiction draws some back into using. It sort of feels like throwing out life jackets. I know Jesus is their hope. The prayer is that they will put on the jacket.

Also, I have begun some healthy partnerships with local legacy churches who are witnessing the fruit out in the harvest and have requested training so that they can move towards being a healthy reproducing church. It is the recognition that making disciples who make disciples leads to planting reproducing churches which will naturally lead to mobilizing missionaries.

The Summit connected me with a lot of other missionaries. I have been able to even coach some of the younger ones by phone and social media as they begin their harvest work. It is beautiful knowing that we work together as a team from all over the world. That task of reaching those yet unreached is going to happen when we all act in obedience. This could be the generation that completes the task.

Prayer requests:

  • That the forming team in my area embraces their oikos/harvest and that fruit is produced. That church starts begin and grow into healthy reproducing churches all over this area
  • That from the harvest will rise laborers who desire to engage the far from God here and abroad
  • That we will learn to abide in Christ more and more and that our love for each other will increase
  • That we will obey His teachings in word and deed
  • That the S. Florida team will have a love for God and each other that helps fuel the work throughout the region. John 17
  • That those new followers of Jesus that have been formed here will continue to grow and resist temptation
  • That we may strive continually as a movement of the obedient across this world until there is No Place Left!

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