DiamondI have noticed a few of the other NPL (NoPlaceLeft) church planters using the phrase “Multiply it, Lord!” When we as a team of church planters use this term, we do it as means of encouragement and as a prayer that God would take our efforts and He would bless those efforts by multiplying their impact many times over. The work being done through the NPL movement is just that, to get to movement so that the message of Jesus Christ and the salvation He brings will reach across this world until there is #NoPlaceLeft that has not heard the gospel.

The Four Fields strategy that we use requires that we maintain a healthy rhythm of harvest time, church planting/discipleship and training of others to do the same so that it multiplies! Our efforts are greatly multiplied when we challenge other believers- new and old alike to take on that role of Ambassador. So, it requires much prayer and intentionality. A seminary professor of mine made the statement that we need to get people to a point of disequilibrium. In essence, he was saying that in order for change to take place, people’s thought processes and operative worldviews needed to be shaken up a bit.  That is exactly what the harvest, 3/3rds discipleship process and training will do to an individual. It helps jump start that Ambassador identity that ALL of us as believers is to take on. DianeSolange

So this is my prayer request to all who read this. We constantly encounter people out in the harvest who express a desire to either learn more about Christ or are existing believers who want to learn how to effectively engage those far from God. In order to move to multiplication, those we work with have to personally experience taking on the role of leading others to Jesus, beginning discipleship with them, and watching them grow as well. It takes a desire to serve and a heart for the lost. When this happens, God stirs up in that person a desire to lead others in the path that God has placed them on. A path to seeing themselves as believers who are called to make disciples and plant churches. So please pray for fourth soil individuals who will come alongside me as a team to MULTIPLY and that churches can be started throughout the neighborhoods where I serve and that those within these churches will start churches of their own. Group1

It has been amazing how God has already brought together such individuals from out of the harvest and the adventure is in finding the many, many others that are still out there!!

Thanks so very much to all of those who are partnering with me in prayer and financial support so that I can do this work. I hope the updates here and on Facebook help to challenge you to engage those where you live as well with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

John 15:8; “By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.”

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