baptism2You begin to look at the world around you much differently. I consciously catch myself looking intentionally for opportunities to engage in a gospel conversation. I am much more aware of my surroundings and I have started making sure that I do everything I can to have someone along with me as I am working out in the harvest or doing follow-ups or facilitating a church gathering. It truly is about multiplication.

I am learning very quickly that there is no way I can keep up with the pace that God is sending me people to share with and disciple. It began to get a little overwhelming until I realized that the point of all of this is to multiply efforts through discipling others to do the same as I am doing. Making Disciples who in return Make Disciples.  So now I am dividing my ministry hours into harvest, follow-up, training, and church gatherings. Most of these overlap which is very helpful. I train disciples and Timothies in the harvest that way they see it in action rather than in a classroom setting. On follow-ups, I bring others along and assist them in facilitating. At church gatherings, I am learning to delegate responsibilities in the 3/3rds Bible Study. All along, I am multiplying efforts and creating a DNA in those that are with me that there is an expectation in all followers of Jesus that they are disciple makers. What they see me do, they will be doing very quickly. It is creating an energy and a passion in those with me. They even go out in the harvest without me which is a sure sign that they have an understanding of what we are called to do as Ambassadors ( 2 Cor. 5:17-21). While writing this, I just got a text from Paul saying that he just got a green light which means someone just accepted Jesus!! Thanks for the example God:)

This was not instinctive for me. I had to learn it. And as my other e3 brothers often have tried to help me understand, they would rather me discover what needs to be done than for them to tell me what to do. There has been much wisdom in these guys as they are teaching me to trust that God will unfold the way He wants me to proceed. It is about doing, failing forward, and trusting. We have a strong base methodology, but the way it is implemented is always dependent on God’s leading.harvest1

As I said in the previous update, God is helping me to form a beautiful team of men and women who are hungry to be disciple makers. They have assisted me in the harvest, baptizing new believers, leading church gatherings, sharing the 4.1.1 with new believers, and shouldering the load of follow-up with those interested in learning more about Jesus. I know I can rely on them and they are faithful. I could not ask for better. I know that God is giving me time to train these people out in the harvest context because I know He is about to do something BIG and I need a team to help be those hands and feet on the ground.harvest3

I have met so many area church leaders whose legacy church has a passion to make disciples who make disciples until there is #NoPlaceLeft. I am encouraged by the understanding of the Great Commission demands that some churches are comprehending and acting on by getting their people trained and out in that harvest. Working together is the key to movement. An antonym of movement is resistance. If the church as a whole would come together and pull their efforts then movement can increase and resistance will

Thank all of you who are prayerfully and financially sponsoring my work here. I could not be doing this without you on my team in this way. If you would like to support the work going on here. My support page is


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