jesus-walkingLet me start out this way….WOW! That is pretty much that best way I can describe the last few days. A few highlights:

  • 90 days later and I am fully funded and on my way to S. Florida to minister with e3 Partners in S. Florida- apparently this set a record!
  • God blessed me with an incredible team of mission supporters- This mission work would not be possible without the obedience in mission giving that my team exhibits!
  • I secure an apartment in one day that is exactly in the price range that meets my budget and in a great location between the different areas I will be ministering in.
  • I arrive exactly in time to meet my e3 Team and many others in the N0PlaceLeft movement during a 4 day training. Even some from NC!
  • We were out in the harvest witnessing in the neighborhood in Jensen Beach on my 2nd day here!
  • I keep running into Russian speaking individuals- YES!
  • I was able to begin immediately sharing 3 Circles evangelism/411 training even while sitting at the DMV for a few hours
  • I am already making ministry connections
  • Casting Vision meeting Sunday at Family Church in West Palm Beach to get a better idea of their strategy

My thoughts have been on this thought. I need to establish a missionary rhythm to my daily life. A rhythm is a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement. This is what all of our lives should seek out. When we have a rhythm then we can have intentionality and make progress toward a goal. No hit and miss or wasted time and the best part is we probably want miss out on opportunities either.

That rhythm must start with prayer, fasting and Word! This is the fuel which allows the rhythm to continue with a focused and Christ-centered movement. If this ‘abiding’ is not the foundation then something else will take its place. And this something else might be a distraction from our real mission. It will set the movement possibly on the wrong course. With ‘abiding’ as your foundation then everything you do the rest of the day will be an overflow of that ‘abiding’. The way you interact with people; the places you choose to go; the interactions you have with family, friends and coworkers will take on a new light and intent. In marching there is a term called ‘lockstep’. This term goes hand in hand with ‘abiding’. Lockstep is a way of marching with each person as close as possible to the one in front. We have to be lockstep with Jesus Christ. Flowing in our daily lives and interactions in such a way that we move in close proximity to His leading. He is leading us and we are on His heels all the way.

This is my prayer for my time here in S. Florida. I pray you will seek out the same. We are called by God to live a life on Mission. That Great Commission Matthew 28:19-20; “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” That ‘go’ is an imperative not a suggestion. It is only when our lives are lived in the rhythm of calling that we are truly lockstep with the Father.

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