finish-line-aheadI am so blessed to have some amazing mission support people on my team that are helping me to be able to commit full time attention to church planting with e3 Partners in S. Florida. At the writing of this blog, I have only $400/month left to raise to be at full support! This has been accomplished after only 81 days of support raising and that is record timing! It often takes between 6-12 months to raise missionary support.

Next week, I am going down to S. Florida to look at housing possibilities and to choose the most strategic place to live in order to do the most ministry. A lot of what I will be doing will involve helping train individuals and churches in evangelism and discipleship and taking them out in the field to engage the culture for Christ. This means being in a locale that allows for opportunities for mentoring/discipleship and for being centrally located to be ‘available’ to people. As always, the best word to describe this process is intentionality. Each aspect of these choices need to have ministry in mind. I need a place to live that is a good location to meet people; allow for church gatherings at my place; a place to invite others for discipleship etc. Church planting involves being ‘available’ to people.

The first part of February, I have e3 Boot Camp training in Texas where I will learn more of the evangelistic/discipleship strategy that e3 uses in their church planting and training. This will help prepare me for when I get back to S. Florida and start the mission.


  • Find sponsor partners to complete the $400/month still needed to be at full support. I can’t report to S. Florida until my funding is complete
  • Grow even closer to God in my personal walk so as to be a good example to others
  • Find a ministry appropriate place to live and minister from
  • Training in February at e3 Boot Camp
  • Joining the rest of the e3 Team in S. Florida and start establishing good relationships
  • Establish good ministry relationships with the churches I will be partnering with in S. Florida  – My support page





  1. Please, we need Kevin down here in South Florida to help us reach others for Christ!!! This is the best use of money that anyone could ever invest.

  2. Hey Maxi… Sooo excited that you’re getting closer to your goal! Thanks for the update…we will keep you in our prayers. Numbers 6:24-26

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