four-fields-nathan-shank Many of you know that come January, I will be making a transition to Boynton Beach, Florida to minister with e3 Partners and their USA team that is Equipping God’s People to Evangelize a population that is 96% unchurched and to Establish new churches from among these new believers. One of the powerful tools that we will be using is called The Four Fields.

This method is nothing new. It actually is a model that we follow that is shown straight from the Book of Acts. It is an apostolic model that was taught to the early disciples as the means to engage their community for Christ and to establish and release healthy and reproducing churches. It is strategic and highly intentional. It is empowering because it is simple in its approach. But it does require direct interaction with the culture. It is in no ways a passive evangelistic approach. It requires getting involved with people who may have very different cultures and worldviews than you do. It involves a commitment to those you are attempting to evangelize. It requires a willingness to disciple individuals long after your initial interaction with them. But it is biblical. It requires that you perform many, many reps until your sharing of the gospel becomes second nature. But it will change lives beginning with your own.

Please watch the video which explains more about these 4 Fields. I would ask that you take the time to watch this video and let it challenge you in your own evangelism and discipleship.

If you would like to financially support my work with e3 Partners/I Am Second and get me to the field by January please click here: Become My Financial Support Partner

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