e3partners-jpgWell, this is the post some of you have been waiting for. I haven’t blogged in a very, very long time. I think that is about to change. As some of you know, I have been approved as a Church Planting Catalyst Missionary with e3 Partners/ I Am Second. I will be moving to S. Florida and living specifically in the Boynton Beach area. I will be working with an e3 USA team there who is working together to EQUIP God’s people to EVANGELIZE His World and ESTABLISH His Church.

The mission of e3 USA is towards #NoPlaceLeft. What this means is that we are working in an area of Florida that is severely unchurched. Our desire is to see the good news of Jesus Christ proclaimed to every person in the United States until there is literally no place left. Other e3 USA teams are working in cities throughout the USA where there is a large unchurched population.

4-fields-jpgWe use a church planting method that is taken directly from biblical teachings. This is an apostolic method that seeks to enter into an empty field, present the Gospel clearly and in an way that is simple. We then disciple those who repent and believe and then harvest them together as a healthy and reproducing church based on the Acts 2 model. We also help to develop the leadership within these new churches.  I personally will be working together with our team to train individuals, churches, and other ministries in this disciple making and reproducing method. This is all about church planting and will allow me an opportunity to get out into the field myself and be more intentional in my own evangelism as I help to model it to those I help train. It is all about being intentional.

Here is a problem we face that must be changed. Only 3% of evangelicals evangelize. Sound strange? It should. 95 % of all Christians in North America will not win even one person to Christ in their entire lifetime! This is not an issue of not having the knowledge needed to share the Gospel. It is a matter of obedience. We are so highly educated above our level of obedience. This is what must change.

My goal is to be on the field by January. At this point, I am speaking with individuals that I have ministered with in each of the ministry positions that I have been in. These are church members, fellow ministers, Christian school parents and teachers that I taught with and family and friends. I want people on my ministry support team who have a mission mindset and who are prayer warriors. When I look at the names of the people who are financially helping me be present on the field and who are praying for me and what is being done on the mission field, I want to see names of people that have impacted my life over the years. This is very important to me because these people will be the ones who are sending me out through their support. I would love to sit down with you and discuss this ministry more fully and ways in which you can be  a part of my sending team! If you are not local, but want to be a part of this work, you can use the link at the top of this blog to become a part of my financial and prayer support team. When I get on the field in Florida, I will be sending out monthly newsletters, writing blogs, and posting on social media about the ministry happening so that you can be encouraged by what God is doing and so that it can also challenge you in your own ministry.

But first, I need your help to get me there. Pray about it and let’s talk:)

You can check out e3 Partners at http://www.e3partners.org

A direct link to my support page is http://www.purecharity.com/kevinmaxwell-e3partners

God Bless,


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