handsC.S. Lewis states, “Only a real risk tests the reality of a belief.” Tough words for this present culture and for this current society’s church. We have recently been bombarded with statements from a segment of our society which is calling out the Christian community for being hateful and lacking love. I believe the catch phrase that some are using is “Love Wins.” I will admit that as a church, sometimes we look at particular categories of sin and judge that that sin is somehow more condemning than others when in reality any sin is condemning.
I instruct those I teach that we are to be very careful to balance out love with a call to repentance. Love without a call to repentance simply expresses affirmation and acceptance of the present situation. When people state that Jesus would simply show love without a call to repentance, they are simply wrong. He would state clearly that those living in sin were to go and sin no more. In other words, they were to repent or change their mind concerning their acceptance of certain lifestyles whether it be lying, cheating, stealing, hate, pride, sexual sin and the list goes on. Jesus did not assimilate or accommodate Himself to society standards. He called people to come to the truth concerning offenses to God and to His will.
Now back to Lewis’ quote. “Only a risk tests the reality of a belief.” The present church is going to have to take a stand and in doing so, it will cause a response from some in our current society. While I believe that all sin condemns, I do believe that due to the media influence surrounding some sins and in particular certain sexual sins, that a stronger response must be made. The influence of sexual sins, and the pervasive cry in our society to accept what biblically we cannot, will cause us to be more vocal as it pertains to those sins. The balance that must be kept is that we extend love to those caught in these sins and to not allow ourselves to express contempt towards them even when they vocally and strongly oppose us. We have to understand that they have accepted that what they are doing is perfectly acceptable. Our task as Christians is to love them and pray that God helps us see how to show them that these sins are separating them from God. But yelling slurs at them and expressing hate to them will only fortify their contempt for us and the truth we are trying to show.
But we must not compromise truth. This battle will take much patience and much prayer. It will also take us seeing that there is no difference between heterosexual or homosexual sin. We must champion a pure heart in sexuality in general. All of us have temptations in this area that we are or have brought under submission whether it is homosexually or heterosexually inclined. This is what we must preach and teach-  Submission of our sexual drives to the commands of the One who created us. Only the One who created us can define us.
Obviously those who want to operate outside of the sexual norms and the morals that God has called us to will champion either moral relativism, some form of atheism or will alter God’s Word to meet their desires. All of us must let His Word speak and then take responsibility for what we do with it. We will all be held accountable for our sexual lives and their expression. Let’s walk in love with others. Lead them to the One who can save them and let Him prompt them to submit and repent of any expressions of sin that they may be living and embracing.

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