lightstock-75324-man-holding-a-bible-sitting-in-a-church-pew-in-prayer“Mission is putting love where love is not…the church has nothing to offer the world if it does not embody the message of Good News that it aims to share.”- Missional Small Group

I came across this in some of my reading the other day and I felt that it was a powerful statement concerning the nature of the mission that the church is to be engaged in. There is a hurting world out there that we are to be engaging. Many of those that are hurting would not even admit it to anyone or they would deny it altogether. To some, they say that the path they are on is a healthy path or at least it is within acceptable parameters.

We often see in the news discussions about moral issues that challenge biblical norms such as homosexuality and the abortion issue. These are such heated topics because they strike at the very heart of our Christian beliefs and society is moving closer and closer to a wide acceptance of these sins as normative. It is right for us to stand for the moral boundaries determined and made clear to us by God, but we must do so in a consistent manner. Scripture teaches that any form of moral impurity is to be condemned and repented of. The moral hot topics of today are but only a few of the many areas in which we are veering from God’s expectations. The church must develop a response to these sins that is consistent but at the same time keeps open a door of reconciliation and restoration.

This is not an easy task but there must be a continual light being shown to those caught in these sins. They must view the church as the place where man can be restored to correct standing with God. So a balance must be reached between being a light that shines truth on the darkness in the world and a light that points the way back to God. It is a combination of revealing and restoring. If all people hear is the condemnation without the possibility of restoration then the church has not fulfilled its mission. But most of all the church must not compromise on the expectations of God as it applies to these moral issues. Compromising our faith and assimilating to the demands and expectations of the culture is not the answer.

So instead of pinpointing and targeting only certain hot topic sins, let’s be consistent and call for a thorough evaluation of each of our lives. I am sure that in doing so we will all find a few planks that need to be removed in ourselves. God regards homosexual and heterosexual actions outside of the boundaries He has set and defined to be missing the mark of His expectations.

If we as the church would help others who are struggling with these types of sin to come back to a proper standing with God instead of spending all of our energy condemning them then I think we would effect much more change. They have to know we love and care for them rather than just that we condemn them. A balance between justice and love must take place.

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