There is always a lot of talk about tolerating differening worldviews because to say one worldview is correct while others are wrong causes people to shout intolerance. Ravi Zacharias addresses this issue by reminding us that any worldview that is analyzed must be done with the desire to come to the truth concerning whether that worldview corresponds to reality and whether it is a coherent system within a foundation of truth. To simply state that all worldviews are equally valid is to say that the only test for truth is if that worldview ‘works’ for the individual. The real question should be does that worldview answers the 4 big questions of origin, meaning, morality and destiny in such a way that the answers correspond with the world as it really is? I would offer that Christianity is the only worldview that correctly does just that. If it is truth that we seek then we must come to the understanding that truth is by definition exclusive.

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