One of the most often asked questions concerning Christianity. I had this question asked to me once by a Hindu who asked me if his grandmother who died apart from Christ was in hell or not. I admit that this answer given in the video may not satisfy some people but I believe the answer given is on track with what the Bible teaches concerning God’s general revelation of Himself to all people and their accountability for what He has revealed. We can not assume to know the mind of God totally in this matter because He alone is judge. We can only go by what has been revealed and leave the rest to Him. But the point is true that God has placed His moral code in our hearts and has revealed Himself in general revelation through His creation and intelligent design so that man would see and know the fingerprints of the Creator and respond. When we go against the revelation within us and around us and create gods of our own making then we knowingly place man above God and will be held accountable to that. This is one of those apologetic issues where we speak of the clear demands of the Bible and remain silent on those areas that are not so clear. This also pushes us as believers to go out and make it plain. It is this that drives evangelism.

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