MillennialsI came across a very good book called Cultivate by Jeff Myers. I wanted to share some of the findings in his book that describe the Millennial generation.The millennial generation runs from age 12 to the early 20’s.  I would encourage you to find and purchase the book to get the benefit of what he suggests as ways to mentor to this generation.

(1) The Emerging generation lives in complexity.They relish mystery, uncertainty, ambiguity. They are not bothered by contradictions.

(2) Millennial generation is overly self-confident. They have rarely been denied or told  ‘no’. They often have inflated expectations of their own potential.

(3) Emerging generation wants to change the world. What needs to be explored is the motivation behind these desires.

(4) Emerging generation has a negative view of church. Feel that they church is anti-homosexual, judgmental, and hypocritical.

(5) The emerging generation wants what works. Driven by pragmatism much more than their parents.

(6) Emerging generation embraces moral relativism.

(7) The emerging generation multitasks. Dangers exist because this sometimes leads to relational issues. An example would be texting in the presence of others.

(8) Emerging generation is slow to make decisions. Makes it harder for them to grow up. They may doubt their own judgments. Looks for approval before acting sometimes.

(9) Emerging generation overwhelmingly stressed out. Stressed out especially in areas that affect others’ view of them.

(10)Emerging generation is extremely connected. Highly connected through network sites such as Facebook and value teamwork even to the point of groupthink.

(11) Emerging generation is uninhibited. Open to intimate details of their lives and are casual about personal matters even so far as to post them online.

(12) Emerging generation is lonely. They want intimacy and relationship but are trying to meet those needs through technology. They don’t realize this is impossible.

Jeff Myers. Cultivate: Forming the Emerging Generation Through Life-on-Life Mentoring. 43-59.

These characteristics do not need to scare us away from ministering with this generation, but they do point to the fact that we need to approach them with an understanding of their worldview and thought processes. Cultivate provides ways in which mentors can help reach this generation with the gospel and to encourage the energy that this group has to impact our world for Christ.


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