“Many a believer are willing to go God’s way, if He is willing to go theirs.”- Ravi Zacharias

That sure has described my thoughts and actions many times in my life. I know I have had a tendency of trying to drag God along with me as I venture out on ‘my’ plans for my life. I was wondering today what keeps us from letting God do the leading and I think I came up with a possible idea about that. I believe for me it comes down to fear. Now I know what my gifts and abilities are. I know where my comfort level is as well. I enjoy working within those parameters. So when it comes to planning, I have an immediate tendency to resort to my programming. I stay within the boundaries of my comfort and my giftedness. But here is what may happen if I continue like that…..nothing…. And that’s the problem. Stagnation, complacency, and self-sufficiency set in. I get in a rut creatively and spiritually.

Fear is the mind killer. I heard that somewhere. Not sure where but it works in this case. Fear keeps us from exploring what God might have in store for us if we just get out there and let Him lead. But surely He wouldn’t call us to work outside of our giftedness or intellectual skill base. Certaintly, He wouldn’t put us in any possible harm or at any risk. Can you detect the sarcasm? Why sure He could if that is what is needed both for His work and for our growth. I believe He is invested in both of those endeavors.

Look at His disciples. Paul comes to mind here. Dropped into a Greek culture and surrounded by philosophies which he had never encountered and a worldview very unlike his own. Why? To show Paul his insuffiiency for the task. To show Paul reliance on God for the words. He also had Paul there because Paul was the man for the job. The Greeks needed Paul, Paul needed the experience with the Greeks and they both needed God. See, everybody wins:)

We grow by being stretched. Like a rubber band that is stretched out really far. When it is released and bounces back, it is never the same. It has been stretched and forever changed. So yes, God may call you to do things for which you are uncomfortable. He may teach you new talents and may bestow new gifts that need to be exercised. But you must be willing to say yes even if you don’t have everything figured out before hand.

So who is doing the leading? Where is it taking you? And do you need to let go of the reigns?

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