In a book by J.P. Moreland called In Search of a Confident Faith, Moreland reminds us that “life fundamentally consists of two basic movements: either we’re moving toward God, or we’re moving away from him– there’s no neutral zone or middle ground.”

Movement or change is a given. It cannot be escaped or avoided. But what can happen is we might spend the majority of our lives stuck in the “away zone.” This happens when we fail to recognize the daily fluctuations in our relationships with God. We fall into a rut spiritually. We begin to dry up instead of bloom.  Each moment is an opportunity. Each decision moves us either toward or away from God.

I am not talking about the eternal security we have as a part of the salvation accomplished by God. I am addressing the daily experiential sanctification that characterizes the life of all Christians. We are in a state of growth. We are in a daily state of ‘becoming’ Christlike. And this is accomplished by being in close relationship with Christ.

Those who spend too much time in the ‘away zone’, put their spiritual growth in jeopardy and make themselves into ineffective witnesses. They are so caught up in themselves that they have nothing left to give to others. Life has distracted them from ‘Real Life’!

Take a moment to evaluate your own life. Which direction are the winds of your choices blowing you? Remember there is no neutral ground. It is either closer in your relationship with God or it is farther away.

This is why daily time with God is so important. This is why not yielding to sin is so important. Do you feel spiritually that you are more Christ-like this week than last? How have you grown?

God does not expect us to stay the same. He wants to transform us.

Remember John 10:10; “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

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