Matthew 13:45-46; “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.”  Apologetics is a conversational approach in witnessing with the goal of removing obstacles to faith. It is concerned with helping the listener to traverse the many misunderstandings and false impressions concerning the Christian faith. It has as its focus, the goal of interpreting the message of Christianity in the clearest way possible while  clearing away the debris left behind by the hollow and deceptive philosophies spoken of by Paul.

One way of accomplishing this task is to show that Christianity is the best explanation for the world in which we live. It best deals with the ‘ultimate questions’ that we all ask concerning our origin, purpose, sense of morality, and destiny. It also helps show that Christianity is rationally compelling as well.  Although, as Alister McGrath states it in Mere Apologetics, it is not limited to the appeal of human reason. It appeals just as well to the longings of the human heart. It is transformational and apologetics helps shed light on how the truths of Christianity correspond with reality and are thus not in conflict logically as other religions and worldviews are. It reveals that human reason and human heart resonate with the teachings found in Christianity. They are not simply the result of ‘wishful thinking’ as some atheist writers love to describe it, but are the result of truth revealing itself.

Apologetics is described by McGrath as “like holding a diamond up to the light, so that each of its facets scintillates, allowing its beauty and glory to be appreciated.” As Christians, we are told to prepare ourselves with a defense for the faith that is within us. This is apologetics. It is the ministry of conversation which we must engage in everyday with the intent of boldly holding Christianity up to the light for others to investigate clearly. The truth has nothing to hide. It invites those who would seek it to come for a closer look. This is apologetics.  It is we as Christians showing others that the search for that magnificent pearl is worth the time. In reality, it is worth everything.

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