“The heart cannot exalt in what the mind rejects.”- Stephen Myer. My studies in Christian Apologetics have caused me to think a lot about the relationship between reason and faith. I understand clearly that some see a tension between the two. But I have learned that reason is not in opposition to faith. As I look throughout the Bible, I see intentionality in the narrative. I see God revealing Himself in such a way that a reasoning mind can grasp His revealed truths. If God is the source of all things then He is also the source of logic and reason. These concepts are defined by Him as well. All truth flows from the Creator and is defined according to His understanding and not ours. Is it therefore unreasonable to believe that God can perform miracles which some see as a suspension of reason. The fact is that some try to set limits on reality based on their preunderstandings. Simply understood, God is Reason and He defines its parameters. What we may see as suspension of reason may in reality be God working within the fullness of reason. So, when our finite minds reject what we believe is outside the realm of reality maybe we might just be using too limiting of a definition.

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