Postmodernism is a word we hear a lot of today. When you ask people what it means, you might just get some odd stares. By postmodern , I am not talking about architecture, art, or interior design. I am talking about a breakdown in reality. A denial of any unifying story or a cessation of the search for any universal truth. Postmodernism results in a redefinition of truth itself. In many ways, it is a response to the modernist appeal to empirical means as the only way of obtaining knowledge of the world. Postmodernists have a suspicious nature. Truth claims are seen as ways of holding power over people. No metanarrative or grand story can possibly hold sway over all people. The Christian metanarrative is suspect so is the metanarratives of any other belief system. There is no standard to guide us and there is no foundational core to humanity. There is no big picture. For a postmodern, experience is the key to finding truth and that truth is subjective. Imposing any one metanarrative on society is seen as a struggle for control or as intolerant.

But what happens when the postmodern attempts to live by these standards? Simple, they don’t live by them. Everyone has a worldview that they live by. And the truth is, they expect others to accept it too. Ideologies like this fail because they can’t be lived out consistently. When we go against first principles of logic, soon something has to give.

The Christian metanarrative forms a foundation for belief and a unifying structure that can be consistently followed because it is based on truth. It is based on a truth that corresponds with reality as it truly is not necessarily as we wish it to be. The search then is to find a metanarrative that corresponds with truth. In the Christian metanarrative, we see a 3-fold progression. Creation-Fall of Man- Redemption. These form a structure upon which the metanarrative of Christianity is based. Many accuse those that follow Christianity of power plays. They charge that the Christian metanarrative neglects the marginalized in our society. This is far from true. The Christian metanarrative calls for us to place others before ourselves and to care for the widows and orphans. The metanarrative is not flawed though some followers of it may fail to follow it in truth. Never judge the whole of something by the bad examples of it.

My appeal to you is this. Look into the metanarrative of Chrisianity and see if it speaks to the truth of what exists in our reality. Does it form a structure of truth that addresses the real needs of mankind.? Does it paint a picture of who we truly are? If it does, then why not heed to its truth. Without a metanarrative of truth, man is left to just form their own opinions. What if there is a purpose to this life? Wouldn’t you want to know what that truth is?

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