It is interesting how we often tell people to be safe and not take any risks when all we seem to hear concerning the early disciples is that they risked everything. They didn’t take the easy route and play it safe. The Christian life sometimes calls for us to not live it safe. We have to risk it a little. Being on mission is supposed to be the mindset of ALL Christians not just our ministers in the church or the mission field. There has been enough of our running after the American Dream and settling down. Each and every day has to be lived with a sense of intentionality. We have a mission to perform- a Commission. If we get distracted by running after money, fame, picket fences, and the like, we lose contact with the real reason we are here. If we get comfy with our ‘fire insurance’ response to living the Christian life, we verge into the realm of lukewarmness. That’s not a place anyone wants to be. Scripture teaches that a Christian will be known by their works. It is not their works that are doing the saving, but they do show or reveal the saved. Think about it…..


  1. This is the tension I feel in my life almost daily. How do I balance providing for my family with the Gospel? What’s too much? It doesn’t always seems as cut and dry as I’d like it to be.

    What about sharing our faith? One of the guys I work with and I have challenged each other to be bold in witnessing to people that serve us at restaurants. Sometimes, we do. Sometimes, we don’t. Why?

  2. Great post! What a wonderful visual and analogy by Chan that we should not play it safe. I want to be radical for Christ, but then I question how much radicalism is enough? I am sure that I am only at a “sitting” position on the beam at this point. I don’t want to go it half way, but half way seems more comfortable and then… safe. God didn’t call us to safety now did He? Thanks for giving me much to think about.

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