In youth group yesterday, one of our youth gave an incredible analogy concerning the Christian life. He stated that some believe that the Christian life is to be like a hot air balloon ride. You accept Christ and then it is straight up, up, and away in that beautiful balloon. No worries. No struggles.  The realities of  life are different, however. Often we experience the initial joy and excitement and then a spiritual road block hits us. We struggle. We question. We wonder what happened to that initial fire within. Some respond well to the obstacles and continue to grow through the trials. Others get discouraged because they may have failed to count the cost of discipleship. Turbulence has hit their hot air balloon and it takes a dive.

Others view Christianity as a climb up a mountain. Our Christian life has its switchbacks and ascents but it also has its rough terrain that has to be traversed. We sometimes feel that we are climbing in circles but the reality is we are slowly winding up that mountain towards the summit. It takes work. We overcome. We grow tired but we press on. That is the reality of the Christian life. It requires perseverance and work. Daily stresses and setbacks come but how we deal with them in the Spirit is what constitutes our witness.

So are you a hot air balloon Christian? How is that working out for you? Or are you climbing that mountain taking in the scenery and enjoying the journey even if it has its tumbles along the way?

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