stepsI came across another interesting bit of information in Communicating Christ Cross Culturally. It is a chart on the stages of conversion. 5 stages are identified which I think are helpful for anyone trying to understand the process which is involved in the progressive nature of conversion.

Conversion has an instantaneous component to it when we pass from guilty to redeemed by Christ’s gift of grace which we receive upon belief, but it also has a continual process.

STAGE ONE:  Discovery: There is a person called Christ whom the true God is said to have sent into the world to save the world

STAGE TWO: Deliberation: There is a possibility that I should forsake the old ways and follow Christ

STAGE THREE: Determination: I will repent and turn to Christ

STAGE FOUR: Dissonance: Shall I resist the forces which draw me back to the old ways, and continue to follow Christ in spite of present difficulties?

STAGE FIVE: Discipline: I will identify with the people of Christ in His church and live in submission to His Lordship and church discipline.

This is why it is sometimes difficult for a person to pinpoint the exact point at which they submitted to Christ as Lord and Savior. Conversion literally means a changing of ownership from man-centered to Christ-centered living. There are aspects of that conversion which require daily dying to self.


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  1. I think most people quit at stage three. I don’t think we continue on. I don’t think we want to. We want fire insurance. We want something for us. We don’t want discipline. We don’t want something that costs us. We want cheap and easy. We definitely do not want to die to self.

    BTW…is that a shot from Grandfather?

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