miscommunicationI came across another great quote from Communicating Christ Cross Culturally. Hesselgrave states that “If in the past we have erred in the direction of transplanting Western churches rather than planting biblical churches, we now are in danger of erring in the direction of  ‘introducing Christ’ while not planting churches at all.”

If this is true as Hesselgrave states then we are substituting personal experience in the place of biblical teaching. In the process we are in danger of creating a ‘church’ void of doctrinal understanding and continuity with the traditional universal church.

Hesselgrave continues to say that some ‘converts’ remain outside of , or become only superficially identified with the local Christian church.

The question is whether we are communcating the whole counsel of God or are transmitting a message that is culturally decoded to meet the desires of a new concept of what it means to be a Christian that is based on personal experience and feelings and not on biblical teaching.

What do you think? Has the message been lost in the process of transmitting it to the present culture? Has it become too culturally accommodating?

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