iron_sharpens_ironAs you know, today is Father’s Day. Our pastor today talked about “The Man Code.” He had a list of 5 items that men are to remember. Each began with a number. These 5 things are important for every man to have in his life.

1– The Most Important Number- You shall have no other gods before me Ex. 20:3

3– Friends You Can Trust Completely- As iron sharpens iron,a friend sharpens a friend Prov. 27:17

12– Twelve Good Men- Therefore encourage one another and build each other up as you are already doing. 1 Thess. 5:11

120– Your Local Church- Acts 20:28

3000– Sharing God’s Good News- Matt. 5:14-16

I think you can see what he is saying. As men we need each other. But first of all we need God to be #1. The success of all other relationships stems from that relationship.

Friends that can be trusted completely are hard to find. The 3 indicates the  average number of friends that fit this category. Some have fewer. Some have a few more. But each man needs someone to hold him accountable  and vice versa.

We need friends that face to face lift us up and encourage and back to back  do the same. We need friends that are the same no matter who they are around. We need friends ‘with’ integrity and we need to be friends ‘of’ integrity.

The 12 Good Men point to the fact that we need to also be involved with a small group of friends that are on mission and who challenge us daily. Jesus had his 3 and He had His 12. Sounds like a good pattern to me.

These numbers keep increasing in their level of influence. The 12 contribute to the 120 and the 120 together reach the 3000. It is the ministry of multiplication. I believe that is what we need to strive for in the church and as men.

iron men

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