windowsI am currently reading Unfashionable by Tullian Tchividjian. One statement that he made in the book resonated with me. It concerns individuals that are “up to their necks in up-to-date structures and cutting-edge methodologies.” Tullian says that they are “beginning to understand that modern capabilities cannot make us better and more satisfied people nor make this world a better, more satisfying place.”

This is what they are looking for. “They seem desperate to recover a world that once was, a world that allows for mystery, miracle, and wonder- a world with windows to somewhere else.”

Wow! In my words, I would say that they are looking for the awe-someness of God. A house with no windows allows for no perspective or worldview other than what is trapped within the walls of that house. It allows for no other illuminating light. God becomes whatever the individual decides He is to be like. There is a mystery side to God. In our society we too often try to ‘figure God out’ or put restrictions on His sovereignty. God however is mystery, awe, and wonder and beyond our understanding.

What this world needs is a healthy dose of the awe-someness of God. A respect for the God who transcends. Too many books have been written that propose a ‘new understanding of God’ They sell so well because they often tickle the ears of the readers.

Just the other day a man told me that he thinks we have a false understanding of God. He then began telling me who ‘he’ thought God was. His words were so unorthodox and not based on any Scriptural teachings. They were based on his interpretation of God.

Let the Word itself speak. Don’t try to speak for it! Stand in awe of Him!

Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
The LORD is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary,
and his understanding no one can fathom
Isaiah 40:28


  1. I’ve got to get that book.

    Isn’t the awe-someness of God what we’re looking for in everything? I mean, aren’t we all trying to fill the hole on the inside with something wonderful, awesome, beyond us? We try all these tricks, tips, buildings, formulas, etc. to do it, but we miss the ONE Who IS it!!!

    Good post, my friend.

  2. I think that if the world was hit with the awe-someness of God, that they wouldn’t even know what hit them. Most people couldn’t recognize God if he said, “Here I am!” Looking at it from when Jesus was here, people then even disregarded him, so how are WE supposed to be if we (in general) are ‘worst’ then back then? We have become so caught up in our earthly possessions that we have no time for God- yet He is the reason we are here.

  3. No problem! This place really is cool! I commented on one of Mr. Dalton’s storys- about him and his finances. Thanks for telling us your blog site.

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