tullianI finshed reading an article today in Christianity Today May edition that introduced me to a man named Tullian Tchividjian. He might be a little more recognizable by his full name. William Graham Tullian Tchividjian. He is Billy Graham’s grandson and is the new pastor of Coral Ridge in Florida.

Tullian made some statements about the church that seemed to resonate with mine. Tullian believes that “Christians must forsake any hope of winning cultural acceptance if they want to affect culture for the Lord’s Sake.”

Wow! That is like the opposite of what a lot of churches are proclaiming. “Younger generations don’t want trendy engagements from the church; in fact they are suspicious of it,” Tullian writes in his book Unfashionable. He goes on to say that “they want truthful engagement with historical and theological solidity… they want to invest their life in something worth dying for, not some here-today-gone-tomorrow fad.” AMEN!!!

In the face of our post-modern church influences and the emerging church emphasis, this takes a more traditional stance that says preach the Word. That is what people need and yes it is still relevant to today, It is the timeless Word of God that transcends culture boundaries.

Tullian stesses that the church should be the church and not worry about winning cultural approval. He also emphasizes Christianity as a total world and lifeview.

It is nice to see some of our young church leaders of prominent and influential churches voicing a desire to maintain a strong Bible-centered emphasis. Tullian says the “gospel is both individual and communal.”

We are a church that needs to seek to meet the needs of our community, but doing so by maintaining the truth of the Gospel and its power to impact lives.

Now I don’t know enough about Tullian to make a formal endorsement but what I have read so far seems promising. We need some leaders that will stand up for evangelism without the gimmicks.

We need to stop trying to ‘make’ God relevant to our culture. He already is!

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  1. Now I remember! I really dug this article. I thought he was spot on, and it lines up right with all we’ve been talking about lately. It’s not about gimmicks or trends or technology. Imitating the world does nothing. We look foolish, for the world does it far better than the church! There is one thing the church has that the world can never offer: Christ. That’s it. So we resolve to do one thing: preach Christ and Him crucified! That’s all we have, but, more importantly, it’s all we need!

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