cross1In my ‘spare’ time, I am reading a book called Christless Christianity by Michael Horton. Horton was doing an interview with Robert Schuller. Schuller made this statement, “It was appropriate for Calvin and Luther to think theocentrically, but now, the scales must tip the other way toward a human needs approach.” Sin is identified as ” any act or thought that robs myself or another human being of his or her self-esteem…”

What??? This explains something I heard the other day on the radio about the many people who are leaving the Christian faith because it is not meeting ‘their’ needs. I want even discuss the issue as to whether they ever even knew Jesus.  Many of those who leave, try out at least 3 other religious groups trying to find something that ‘works’ for them. It is as if they were trying on a pair of shoes.

So the Gospel message of  Jesus Christ has been replaced by whatever helps your self-esteem issue! That is not the Christian message. Horton asks, “Does Christ come to boost our ego or to crucify our ego and raise us up as new creatures with our identity in him?”

In a Newsweek article, this statement was made, “Disguised in the secular language of psychotherapy, the search for the sacred has turned sharply inward– a private quest. The goal….has been variously described as ‘peace of mind, higher consciousness, personal transformation, or in its most banal incarnation–self-esteem”

Philip Rieff writes, “Christian man was born to be saved…psychological man is born to be pleased.”

We must return to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ  not some psychological blabbering. Speaking of secular psychology, since when was guilt for sin something to be suppressed? It is not about protecting our fragile self-esteem, it is about the search for truth in Christ. Guilt leads to confession. Confession leads to forgiveness. Forgiveness leads to reconciliation. Now that is good psychology, God-centered psychology.

Paul writes, “For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory” Col. 3:3-4

As the song says, For I am crucified with Christ, but YET I live!


  1. Man, this blows my mind. We’ve spent (Christianity in the West, anyway) the last 30 + years trying to figure out how to be “relevant” and “seeker friendly”, only to miss a generation and maybe more with the Truth of the Gospel. What did Paul do? Preach the Word. Peter? Preach the Word. John? Preach the Word! Luther? Preach the Word!! Calvin? Preach the Word!!! The Word is living and active, not the latest video/song/skit/illustration. The WORD is what is needed today to change hearts and lives. The truth of the Gospel is what is needed, not pop-psychology.

    Oh man, I could go on and on. The church is in a mess.

  2. Remember, Paul said that there would be wolves even within our own flock. Wolves on the outside and on the inside. But regardless, where they come from, their impact is the same. They alienate people from the truth. And yes, bro, the church is in a mess, but remember, we are called to help lead it back. I told the students today that one of the main tasks of any minister is to undo the damage done by those who deceive. Even when the deceiver doesn’t think he is deceiving such as so many of our modern church leaders. But, on a positive note, there are many out there who are trying to hold to God’s Word and are not concerned with appeasing our culture.

  3. Religion has been turned into a place where you dress up like a christian and like the song says “go through the motions”. I will even admit that I am by no means super steady everyday Bible reading Christian. I do really try though. People tend to think that church makes me look good. But when you really think about it, sometimes, when you really are trusting God through life, you look like a mess. You have to tear something down to make it bigger and more beautiful. During the construction, thats when He tests our true faith and trust in Him. No ‘dress up’ games with him.

    • B, you are such a good example for those who need your help. Your advice and love is something I will never take for granted. You are one amazing, God fearing, Bible toting, Christian Girl that inspires me to fix the messes I have made in my spiritual life! I love you!

      • thx kat. keep encouraging me. we need to continue pushing each other to the right thing cause its really easy to fall into temptation. love ya too kat.

    • Bianca, you’re right on target. We have this idea of Christianity as something where you get saved, go to church, and God fixes each and every problem you have so you can have a perfect American life. The reality is far different. We do look like messes sometimes! And God, in His grace, IS rebuilding us!

      Awesome comment!

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