riverWe are starting a Bible study at church called 40 Days of Love. It is more than a Bible study. It is intended to be a catalyst of change. It centers on relationships and communication. The relationship principles of Jesus will be what we are studying.

Today in church, our pastor asked us to finish this statement:

My #1 Goal in Life is ……………………

Would you say your goal is:

  • To be happy
  • To raise a family
  • To have fun
  • To retire
  • To be successful
  • To be comfortable in life
  • To be liked by people
  • To be different

You get the picture. The answer to that question becomes your Dominant Life Principle. It establishes itself as the core reason or initiator of what you do in life. It dominates your life and in many ways defines you.

1 Corinthians 14:1 says “Let love be your greatest aim.”

God is love so therefore he created us to express love because we are made in His image. Our time on this world is our chance to learn how to love each other. And remember, it is easy to love our friends. It is a different story with those who are different or difficult.

Mark 12:30-31 teaches us to Love God and Love Man, If our vertical relationship with God is not what it should be then our horizontal relationships with each other will also be skewed.

My pastor used this analogy today:

Your love can’t flow like a river if it is being filled with a thimble.

Think About It…….


  1. Good stuff. It should always be our aim, but for me, it seldom is. Honestly, so much of what I do is selfish. The older I get, the more I realize it. With my wife, my kids, even in ministry. I realize more and more just how self absorbed I am. I’m trying to work on it. Everyday. Our jobs force us to be unselfish!

    This ties in with what we’ve been talking about lately. If we truly love others more than ourselves, we will share the love of Christ with them.

  2. We ALL are much too self absorbed my friend. This life is a process in growing to understand love more and more. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I have seen much unselfish behavior in you!I mean that, and yes, our work is a blessing.

  3. I agree with you what we were talking about today in class, relationships at our age are not right. I mean i have had girlfriends, but then i saw how much it effected me and i decided to wait. Its definitely not something worth doing right now at our age

  4. I also agree. I see people in the hallway everyday striving to better their relationship with someone they think they love. The sad part is that at our age we don’t understand that kind of love and we shouldn’t. It gets on my nerves when I hear teenagers express their “love” for one another but then less then a week later they breakup and they try to take back everything they told that person. It does not work like that. As a teenager I think we should worry more about God(top Priority) ,Family, and friendship. Protecting each other from not only others but ourselves. There would be way less drama.

  5. Relationship at our age arent meant to last. I mean at first you think its going well, but when its over, you have acomplished nothing at all. We are just living in the moment. And Im gonna follow the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

  6. i think dating has been turned into a popularity thing. focus on God and dont worry about what poepl around u r doing. if we focussed more on God than on our boyfriend/girlfriend we would be way stronger in our faith.

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