sodomA shocking and eye-opening class developed today with my students. We have been discussing the institution of the family and of marriage. In a video we were watching, Dr. Joseph Unwin made this statement, “Those cultures which allowed sexual freedom do not display a high level of social energy- their energy is consumed with meeting their physical appetites. They do not think large thoughts about the physical world…In these cultures, life is now.”

Cultures which began with, but lost strong sexual ethics experienced cultural demise within 3 generations (e.g., Romans, Babylonians, and Sumerians)”

Wow! When we add the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah for that same sexual immorality, we start to see a trend. Sexual immorality leads to the erosion of the society itself.

In our world today, tolerance of sexual immorality and a redefining of marriage and the family is seen as a progressive society. We are becoming more diverse and tolerant and accepting of the held alternative lifestyles of people. Society says that is good.

But what does God say? Because of the immorality of Sodom, it was destroyed. God did not say to the inhabitants of that society, well done you are being progressive as a nation. Keep up the toleration of sin. Exchange my gift of marriage and family for your own selfish desires. He didn’t applaud them for stepping outside of His will and plan. No, He destroyed that city as an example to us today.

Lately in the news we have heard a lot about alternative lifestyles and same-sex marriage legislation like that being proposed in New York.  If history is correct, then our society may be headed for a decline not a progression. We have to break the cycle of immorality and return to God’s plan for marriage and family. It is only within God’s designed plan that our society will flourish.  We have to turn back to moral living.

Romans 1:18-19

The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.


  1. I agree with you in every way but all society expects from us is sexual immorality and they lower the standards for teenagers in general. Like you said in class.. that should anger us and believe me it makes me very angry. I strive everyday to do what is right in God’s eyes. I’m not perfect,of coarse, but I do not listen to society. I know people who have really messed up and I have never heard them say,O its okay, I enjoyed it, I’ll do it again. NO they were hurt and crushed and regretted everything they did because you CAN’T take it back. I think it would be easier to do what was right if that was what was expected of us but when it seems like society does not care what happens to us then its harder to surpass their standards. But that’s not really an excuse. Living that way never helped anyone. It only led to hurt and destruction. Thankyou so much for caring about our futures.. It really means a lot!

    • Kat,

      I appreciate your openness. Teenagers like you who strive not to be controlled by the expectations of society but those of God will be the change that this world so much needs.

  2. that is absolutely true. People tend to think “its my life, let me do what i want.” But people don’t realize how it may effect those around them. But another thing is, why do people think it is a progression? if you really think about, the example people leave for little kids and teens doesn’t make much of a positive influence. but society doesn’t care what christians input is, they only care about what is convenient and what the ‘popular’ input is. I personally think that the problem we have with Christians falling into this ‘trap’ is because we are so involved with what makes us happy and we seem to forget that we need to have our time with God to stay stronger and build a powerful wall against the junk society wants us to immitate.

  3. In my personal opinion, it is impossible for us simple minded humans to make the assumption that America will fall within the next generations. God is the only one who knows the date America will fall, and we shouldn’t pretend that we can predict such things. I am a devoted Christian myself, but I dissagree this. The power and time of God cannot be comprehended. I do agree that we should stop sexual immorality, though. Us Christians need to show the love of Christ to these lost people, and help them on a different path.

    • Courtney,

      What the speaker was trying to show was the historical trends that accompany the breakdown of a society. Sexual immorality has been shown to be one of the factors in that breakdown. Yes, only God knows the path of America, but our actions in the US do have consequences. The intent of the speaker is to serve as a wake up call to America that we are headed down a very dangerous path which historically has not ended positively. Be careful not to miss the intent of his words. He was not making a prediction but stating a historical warning.

    • Courtney,

      It is ok to disagree. You are correct in saying that only God knows the future of a nation. My prayer however is that America wakes up to the offenses that they are making against God. We have been a blessed nation for a long time but that does not mean that those blessings will continue if we turn our backs on His commands.

  4. Thank you. I will be thinking of this this weekend in my thinking chair. LOL but really I will be. I do believe that America is in a great moral decline and that God will judge us. There are so many things I wonder about God daily. I hate how America labels me as a “teenager”. I would like to be thought of as n adult! Just today I had a discussion in which standards were set lower for me because of my “teen” years. If there’s one thing I want to do when I grow up, it’s show everyone that “teenagers” are just a mythical word used as an excuse for misbehavior. When I go to my new school for my freshman year, I hope to show and lead many towards Christ. Even if it means being an outcast. I will show them that we are not teenagers, but leaders of the rising generation.

    • I have had previous students who are now in public school and they did make some positive changes. And yes, you will in some ways be an outcast because those who stand up for what is right have to be willing to do so even if they stand alone. But thankfully, there are many fellow Christians in our public schools. You just will have to find them. They are there!

  5. Courtney, I might be with you at your new school if that is where God takes me so if I do I will be an outcast with you I promise

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