truth-or-consequencesWho says teenagers have nothing of worth to say? I strongly disagree with that statement. Today in my eighth grade class, we were discussing some of the sociological issues that are impacting our world today. We were discussing some of the current legislation seeking to change the traditional definition of family and marriage. Some articles from Focus on the Family and James Dobson were addressing the issue of same sex marriages and the impact that those trends are having on the traditional family.Our choices have consequences.

The current legislation introduced in New York by governor Paterson seeking to legalize same-sex marriages was one of the topics of discussion. There was no attempt at singling out one moral issue over another. The issue of same-sex marriages was being discussed relevant to the subject of societal change and  the Christian worldview response. We recognize that sin is sin.  The main issue was the societal trend toward accepting certain behaviors which the Bible classifies as sinful as being acceptable. It was even said that the lawmakers and advocates responded with raucous applause when the proposed legislation was announced.

One of my students made this comment, “When are we going to stop trying to convenience people?” It is a never ending cycle. Appease one truth claim and in the process you turn away another one. There has to be some standard of behavior and truth which applies to all people. It cannot be simply a matter of choice or an opinion. You can’t make everyone happy. Seek truth not popularity. There is hope in our teenagers because some of them are thinking and not simply reacting. They know there is a standard and they are seeking to follow it. They are listening for the voice of God, not the media.

They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.– Romans 1:25


  1. I think the kids haven’t gotten jaded, nor have they swallowed the lines, yet. But you know, I didn’t grow up in a Christian school. I went to public school, and to a public university. And bro, I struggled mightily with my faith and how to apply it to the changing world around me. It took a change of focus brought on by Jesus for me to get it all together. I pray we’re planting the seeds that will help these kids make the right decisions when it comes their turn to vote and make policy.

    • I think we are making a difference. I believe many of our kids are open to truth and they are not trapped by humanistic thoughts. I pray it stays that way. I hope were are equipping a group of kids that choose to think and not just conform.

  2. Teachers really are making a huge difference. If it wasn’t for Mr. Maxwell, I wouldn’t know how to handle these kinds of situations. This world, might be going crazy, but its people like you, who can really make a difference. Not just for the community, but for the state, or maybe even the country. We need to make a stand for what we believe in. Not just adults, but teenagers as well.

    • Thank you very much Trey. It is students like you who begin taking those stands now which will make our world a better place both now and in the future. When you guys move into the working world, hopefully you will carry your Christian worldview with you and change those around you. Remember you are leaders so be Christ-centered ones.

  3. Yes. even in today’s society there are teens who are going above and beyond expectations. I wish I could say I was one of them. I think teens, are sometimes miss judged. We may do some stupid things, but who hasnt made stupid choices before. But there are some teens who are out there spreading the word of God, when some adults are affraid to because of what people might think of them. Its not about popularity, its about loving God and doing what he asks

    • Trey,

      You can be one of those youth. Challenge yourself and pray for God to show you where and how He wants you to serve. Remember how many times I have said age has nothing to do with it. Be a Timothy Christian. Be an example of what Christ can do. You will only rise as high as you set your expectations. So set them high! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

    • Trey, I am glad to see this statement. I am seeing much more potential inside of you. I know that we all do make mistakes, and we learn from them. The key is learning the right message from them. Mr. Maxwell is right about setting high standards. Just like with your classes, if you want A’s then strive for them, don’t settle for B’s and C’s. You have really come around in science. I am so glad to see this positive change happening. Keep looking up and God will guide you along His path:)

  4. Thanks Mrs Bellomy!! Im glad I pulled them up as well! Mr Maxwell has just really impacted me about what we are talking about. And Im trying really hard to stay focused. Like REALLY focused, cause I want my mom to think that Im not a slacker. Even though she is gone

  5. Trey, It’s a good feeling knowing that someone our age cares. The other day I was talking to one of our friends and I made a comment about my grade in Spanish and they told me they were satisfied with a D. That, I didn’t really understand. He told me it doesn’t matter but I’m pretty sure it actually does. This same person also told me that cussing wasn’t bad even after I told him it was a sin. He then asked me what was the point of striving so hard not to sin when we sin anyway. That really upset me because just earlier that day Mr. Maxwell told us that sin was a rebellion against God. Your mom would be proud to know that you care enough to strive for the best! Some people still haven’t realized that though so don’t be afraid to nudge them on the right path.

    • ok thanks, so that would make talking about someone behind someone’s back a sin? Because God tells us not to lie to people. Or deceive them or even try to influence them into believeing something that isn’t true. Isn’t that just about the same as lying?

  6. It’s true that teenagers have something important to say. Within teenagers minds are a million thoughts and opinions, which are often held inside. Teenagers need to speak out more often, and not let adults put words into our mouths. Christian teenagers can make a big difference by speaking out.

  7. Trey, Why do you sin???? Do you purposely disobey God and authority over you because you wake up in the morning and think.. Hey I think I’m going to complete ignore anything my dad tells me to do for the rest of the day. No, I seriously doubt you do. People sin for the pleasure that comes out of it. Most people don’t think about how that particular sin will effect their lives in the future.

    • Remember guys, sin is ‘willful’ rebellion against God. There is truth in saying that we receive some type of enjoyment from sinning or else we wouldn’t keep doing it.

  8. ya your right. But we all mess up, and when we do God forgives us. In the Bible it says to forgive not just 7, but 70×70. Even if its the worst possible sin, God and our friends should forgive us. like I said we ALL make mistakes

  9. God forgave everyone of every sin, past, present, and future. Why is it so hard for us (humanity) to forgive each other?

  10. Ok, I know what you are talking about. Well, I guess I would just have a heart to heart conversation with that person and really get to understand where they are coming from, then when they are done explaining, explain your side of the story. Hopefully they will understand what you are trying to say and then, if you both are willing, try to make up that certain friendship. Remember, it’s easier to forgive when both of you are nice and not arguing.

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