Have to get this one written while it is still fresh in my mind. Today in church, my pastor gave a great illustration of spiritual growth. He compared our spiritual growth to a rocket and mountain climbing. I wanted to flesh that one out a bit so here goes…

When we think of a rocket, we think of a fast, powerful, upward motion. A rocket makes excellent time as it burst forward into the sky and rises higher and higher. Our spiritual growth is not much like that rocket. We typically don’t burst forward rising higher and higher. Typically, our spiritual growth is a lot different. We start out strong in the beginning and then fizzle out not too long after we got started. We lose that upward momentum. You know that physics law that says that things in motion tend to stay in motion unless some outside force interferes. We’ll our spiritual growth is a lot like that. That interference like I was discussing yesterday is everyday life. Life happens and our spiritual growth comes to a slow halt. Oh, it happens slowly. Perhaps so slowly that we barely notice until our devotional time with God just about disappears. We lose interest in church activities. We stop witnessing and then sometimes we just about stop praying. Remember rockets have to come down sometime and when they do, there is a crash!

The truth is our spiritual growth is more like climbing that mountain. We get started full of energy. We could just about run up that mountain. This all begins to change as we come across that first rise in elevation. We have to slow down a little. Then comes that switchback and we have to slow down even more. Sometimes  we even have to stop and take a rest. Rest too long though and we lose the desire to keep pushing forward. It looks easier to just call it quits and return to the trailhead. But if we do we’ll never reach that summit. So we push forward overcoming obstacle after obstacle. We have to call upon those energy reserves.  But when we reach that summit, it was all worth the journey even if there were tough times.

Wow! That is a good picture of our journey. No crash and burns just a lot of pressing forward with God’s help. The summit is truly glorious.

rocketSo as a T-shirt I have reads, “Go take a hike…..”

“Let your roots grow down into Him and draw up nourishment from Him, so you will grow in faith, strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught…” Colossians 2:7


  1. Would you stop it! I can’t keep up with you posting once a day!!!

    Another gem, bro. We want the rocket ship experience, though, don’t we? I’ve told you before how I still battle with the ghosts of my past, especially the “total sanctification in the here and now” one. This, to me, sums up that idea. A huge explosion, lift off, and straight into outer (or inner?!) holiness. But what I see in Scripture, and in real life, is just what you described. It’s a “long obedience in the same direction.”

    Ok, I borrowed that one, too!

  2. wow!!!! this has happened to me soooo many times. im all excited and in the word and when i forget to do it one morning then i stop for a long period of time. i ask god daily to help me. when i do get in it, he shows me something worth wild.

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