Something Matt wrote last night has stuck with me all day. We were speaking about being more intentional in witnessing to others and being on mission. Matt wrote,

“The idea is this: if we believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, and we do nothing about it…where is our faith? Do we really even believe? Because, if we believed that anyone that didn’t know Christ was going to spend eternity in Hell, we’d be telling them. I think that’s our problem: at root, we really don’t believe.”

That statement has been with me all day. I have thought about it and I am afraid he has it right and that is a frightening thing to concede. Just watch how we act when our favorite sports team wins a tournament. We will be on the phone calling everyone we know. Why, because it is what really matters to us. It is real to us and it is exciting. That is why Matt’s statement really hit me hard. I do believe, but do my actions really show it? And if not, what is the degree and strength of that belief?

We have let the reality of heaven and of hell escape us. We are so wrapped up in our everyday existence that we act as if any concerns about our spiritual life and that of those around us really don’t fit into our circle of daily concerns.

We have our goals, our personal lives, and our daily work to keep us busy enough. We are holding too tightly to this world, and its not even our eternal home. We are allowing ourselves to be trapped in the nonessential. What are we really missing by living this way?

Have we removed ourselves so far from the imminence of Jesus’ return that we think that there is no urgency in the matter. I have noticed when people come back from mission trips that they talk about all that God did through them while they were “away on mission”. Then when they return, they often pick up right where they left off prior to their “mission trip” back stuck in their daily routine waiting for that next mountain top experience. What does that say about our everyday faith and mission mindset?

Don’t hold too tightly to this world or it will trap you in its grasp. We need to live as the early church did with anticipation, and as we await His coming we are to be about His work.

For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.- Matt 17:20b-21

Lord I  believe; help my unbelief!- Mark 9:24


  1. Great post, bro. Somehow in the West, especially, we have lost the urgency of the matter. Oh, we have our charts about the End Times and our “Evangelism Explosion” classes, but the problem I see is just what you spoke of. There’s a disconnect between Sunday morning and the rest of the week. And in evangelizing, we often think that our only task is to get people to Church, and let the church do the rest (hence one of the major causes of the rise of the “seeker” service, I believe). We are the city on the hill, the light of the world! The church is not the building (ok, I didn’t think that one up!), it’s the people of God!

    But I digress…keep nailing ’em, bro. Keep throwing ’em right down the center of the plate!

  2. I call it the drive thru church. We have in some ways created a ‘have it your way’ type of church. No commitment. Just increase that attendance. There is more to it than that. I appreciate those churches that see this problem and are challenging their congregation to not compartmentalize their faith.

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