Ok, Matt, this one was prompted by you, thanks!

I received an email from Matt today that spoke about our lack of engagement with our culture. We do a lot of Bible studies and small group meetings but then what? How often do we take that load of information and apply it.  I am guilty here too. In school, we train our students in evangelism and the approaches to take to witnessing, but do we ask how they are applying that training?  Nope, we often just give a test and assign a grade. That is so wrong! There has to be the challenge given to actually do what we are learning. Where is the application?

When I was in Belarus, I was on mission. Our ministry team would drive sometimes two hours or more just to hold a worship service for a village that had no church. We would do that on a weekly basis. The team would work their jobs during the day and then after work, load up the van and go. We even would go into prisons and minister. One time we even rented out a theater to show the Jesus Film.

On Fridays, our youth would go to the shut-ins and do whatever they needed to be done. I even shoveled some piles of cow manure a few times and chased some rats out of their vegetable cellars. But you know what. I enjoyed every minute of it. Afterwords, we would gather and sing hymns and read Scripture and just pray. Oh, how I miss that!

We make excuses all the time here in the USA. We are too tired. We have to spend time with our family. We need a break and a stress relief. Why not try this. Take the family with you and do the work of the ministry. What better lesson could you show them. Often times we are stressed and lack energy because inside we know we are outside of God’s will for us. Getting on mission for Christ always energized me while in Belarus. I believe the best physical and psychological help one can get is by being on mission. Try it and you’ll see.

So I have no excuse and neither do you. We assimilate into our culture and if our culture says relax and do nothing, we do just that—nothing.

Man, God has so much more for us. The Christian life is supposed to be a life of purpose, excitement, and yes, risk. It is also supposed to be a life of submission.

God help us restart the fire of  passion in our hearts for your calling and let it start with me…. there is a world out there who needs to know its Savior.

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  1. Amen, bro. I don’t know if you saw it or not, but Penn Jillette, the comedian and atheist, posted a video blog about a Christian that approached him after a show to witness to him. It didn’t convince Jillette, but it did make an impact. At any rate, he made the comment (or something to the effect) that a faith was worthless unless you felt it necessary to tell somebody. (That’s a horrible paraphrase).

    The idea is this: if we believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, and we do nothing about it…where is our faith? Do we really even believe? Because, if we believed that anyone that didn’t know Christ was going to spend eternity in Hell, we’d be telling them.

    I think that’s our problem: at root, we really don’t believe. And brother, when the persecution starts, I wonder how full…er….empty the churches will be then.

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