appleA divinity school held a special teaching seminar on the validity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The guest speaker approached his audience and began to expound upon the many reasons why the resurrection of Jesus Christ was not a historically validated event. He spoke of the Greek exegesis of the Biblical passages and the errors that had been passed down throughout the ages. At his conclusion, the speaker called for the students to use historical and literary criticism  so that they may finally uncover the truth. There was no resurrection of Jesus Christ and this speaker had proof of that.

An older gentlemen with white hair stood up in the back and addressed the speaker. In his hand, he held an apple and began to crunch and munch upon it.  He spoke to the speaker and said,”Sir, I have but one question for you.” Again he crunched and munched upon his apple. After a while of anticipation, the old man spoke up. Dear sir, I have but one question. “Yes!” said the speaker. Taking his final bite of the apple, the old man said, “Sir, the apple in my hand, is it bitter or is it sweet?”

The speaker stared straight at the old man with a puzzled look upon his face. He turned to the old man and replied, “How can I know such a thing when I have never personally tasted your apple?” To this reply the old man said, “Neither have you tasted of my Jesus!”

The students in the crowd burst into applause. The speaker thanked his audience and quietly left.

On this Resurrection Day, can you say you have tasted of my Jesus. If you have you will know that He is good!cross

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  1. How true, bro!!! So many have studied, and “learned” so much as to be fools! (Ummmm…seems like Paul said something like that in Romans!!) To know Him is to love Him. So many just simply do not know Him. And, sadly, so many have tried to know Him, only to be lead astray by teachers such as the one you described. My prayer is that we, as teachers, would do the opposite. That we would show our kids the love of Christ each and every day…that they would taste and see that the Lord is good!

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