McManus stresses the idea that Christians have become too civilized and have settled into an institutionalized religion. He says that we need to embrace the fact that God has more intended for our lives than complacency and a comfy church pew. We need to remember the zeal of the early disciples. Good read and challenging.

I believe that too often we are just comfortable going through the motions. Relationship has often been replaced with ritual and tradition. If you don’t believe me watch what happens when someone messes with the status quo in church. There will be opposition and most of that opposition will come not because of some theological concern, but simply because of  ‘change itself’. This reminds me so much of what happened when Jesus entered the temple and saw what had become of it. Look at the hatred that stirred up toward Jesus because He was threatening their status quo. They were too busy meeting their own needs and lining their pockets to notice that God had entered the room!


    • Guys I just listened to your new album. Amazing sound. I teach Bible at a Christian school and intend on playing it around my students- teenagers. I believe they will love it. God bless you in your ministry. Keep your focus! I mean it, your have a very unique sound and the CD is professionally done.

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