Well written book for teens who want a comparative study of world religions. Christianity is compared to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Readers are shown the inconsistencies in these 3 religions. A discussion is made as to why Christianity’s claims are true. Topics such as heaven, morality, pain and suffering, and religious pluralism are discussed. Zacharias uses many relevant illustrations to teach the truth that Jesus satisfies the deep-felt needs of man. An easy read.


    • The main problem with accepting that all beliefs systems are equal comes when one considers the idea of truth. Contradicting belief systems cannot all be true. There has to be an absolute truth that applies to all regardless of their acceptance of that truth. Yes, we are called to coexist and to work together, but that does not change the issue of a truth that applies to all. If there is a creator God, and I believe there is, then should not that God be worshiped exclusively? Do you truly envision a God that would be accepting of his creation just worshiping whomever or however they choose? Man does not create God in his image. God created us in His. I have accepted the truth claims of Christianity. God’s desire is that His creation come to know Him and that is why He revealed Himself as He did through Christ. The task for everyone is to decide what to do with that revelation. God bless you in your journey for truth. I do believe that dialogue is what is needed. Thanks for your comments.

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