Behe’s book though sometimes unnecessarily wordy does present some detailed examples of the irreducible complexity of the complex systems of life. He shows that the step by step evolutionary process of Darwin is not possible when viewed from a biochemical level. This biochemical world was not understood by Darwin due to limitations in scientific/ biological study. The greatest difficulty for an evolutionist is to explain how these biological functions came into being in the first place. Gradual evolution would not allow for minimal function on the cellular level. All components for life function would have to be in place at once or the organism would not be able to function. He does show that intelligent design must be present, but he falls short of accepting creationism as the origin of first life. He seems to simply think that it is not all that important who the designer is. He doesn’t even seem all that curious to explore it. There are times when he speaks of intelligent design that he seems to avoid issues or to confuse the issue. He speaks of the Christian God but only alongside other possibilities such as panspermia or alien seeding. He seems to be riding the fence on the issue. Great book for those of us who are creationists. It provides great supports against evolution.

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